Tackles Of Life

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Destiny Brands is internationally known for the creation of hand-crafted, custom bow ties, pocket squares and socks.  "You haven't had a bow tie until you have a Destiny Bow Tie" is often phrased by the many suitors of this phenomenal brand.  The Destiny Brands team travels all over the world to hand pick the best fabrics to ensure the exclusivity of each bow tie.

Etan Thomas is More Than An Athlete. He’s been called a “The Activist Athlete” ”A “rebounder with a cause.” and “The Poet”.  Thomas defies the stereotype of the apolitical athlete, and plants his roots in his budding literary career with the conviction of a Bill Russell, and the poetic finesse of Muhammad Ali.


MP & Associates is a business management consulting firm that provides a systematic approach that assist our clients with achieving their goals.  Our innovative and interactive approach from conception through execution keeps us results driven!

Our mission is to work with you to develop a strategic plan that will be our road map in gathering key market insights for an effective marketing plan that will drive a positive ROI (return on investment) for your fundraising or event initiatives. 

Pink Sapphire Events, LLC is a premier event planning and management company specializing in executing phenomenal events for premier brands.  We are a full service event management and design firm that’s fueled by passion, creativity and attention to detail.  Pink Sapphire Events provides customized, strategic events where guests connect with our clients’ brands and products in ways that are personally relevant and memorable.  Our motto is… it’s not only an event; it’s an experience.